Preparing For the Exam

First Response National Healthcare Training is invested in getting you successfully certified or recertified. Our study materials include all of the information you will need to ace your ACLS or PALS exam. As soon as you purchase a program, the study materials will be sent to you via email.

Below are a few tips to help you prepare for the certification exam.

Read Through All Of The Study Materials

When you first receive the study materials, read through the entire contents to get a general overview of all of the information you will be expected to learn. Do not worry about memorizing everything on the first run through. Just get yourself familiar with the scope of the information.

Make A Second, Slower Pass Through And Take Notes

Once you’ve done a quick review of all of the study materials, go back and read through slowly. Note all of the important facts that may show up on a test. Take some extra time on material that is new or unfamiliar to you. Taking notes will help you slow down as you study and process the information you are reading.

Schedule In Study Time

First Response National Healthcare Training’s online testing program is completely flexible in terms of when and how you will study, which means you will need to hold yourself accountable. Try to carve out at least an hour of study time several days a week to review the material in your study packet. Once you’ve committed yourself to a study schedule, don’t let other commitments get in the way. Consider this an unbreakable date with yourself. Maintaining a consistent study schedule will allow you to progress more quickly through the material and will keep you focused on the overall goal: to pass the exam and to get certified or recertified.

Take The Practice Tests

Once you feel you are comfortable with the material from the study packet, sign in to your First Response National Healthcare Training account and test your newfound knowledge with the practice test. Try not to use your notes during the practice exam – the purpose of the practice exam is for you to see how much information you’ve retained. After the exam, review the results carefully. Make a note of any question you have answered incorrectly and reread the corresponding section in the study materials until you feel that you have a total grasp of the concept.

First Response National Healthcare Training allows you to take as many practice tests as you want. The questions change each time, so even if you did well on the first practice test, we recommend that you take several more. Just because you did well on a single practice test, doesn’t mean you know everything! Continue to take the practice tests until you can pass several in a row. Once you feel confident that you have a strong grasp of all of the information on the practice tests, you are ready to take the real exam.

These tips will help you be at the top of your game when you take the ACLS or PALS test online. However, if you don’t pass on your first try, don’t worry. First Response National Healthcare Training allows you to take the test two more times.